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the cloud's
the limit

three young tech entrepreneurs with
some wild ideas on social media

user interface and Social Media Revolutionise Modern Communication

When three young technology entrepreneurs walked through our doors with a wild but exciting idea for a new social media platform, we knew we had to get involved. The London-based trio who had formed the start-up company Urban Cloud, came armed with piles of notes and tonnes of enthusiasm. We worked closely with them to flesh out the concept, to map out a working site as well as a business model that would function properly on the net.

Working from the ground up we created a unique user experience and interface to challenge that of the traditional online social platform. To compliment their new look design, we were tasked with launching the site with a teaser video. That's when the fun began. With green screen, a well-groomed actor and some top-end 3D animation, we were all extremely pleased with the final trailer. The three founders are currently busy developing the site.

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