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3D-printed letterpress font

ged 7th September, 2014

Type studio A2-Type and London print shop New North Press have created a 3D-printed letterpress font.

The word 'letterpress' usually conjures images of vintage prints and wood type, but A2 and New North Press's letterpress font looks almost futuristic – made out of pristine white 'chemiwood', the wire-frame font was 3D-printed by an architectural model maker. Kubel says the idea behind the poster was to combine "both digital and analogue processes". The design features one character up close, imposed on a full A to Z. "The large wireframe letters that appear as background are digital artwork, printed offset (reminiscent of an architects plotter print), and the alphabet specimen is overprinted in letterpress using the 3D printed letters produced by Chalk," he adds.

To celebrate its release, A2 designed specimen posters, which Ardagh has letterpress printed 200 copies of in fluoro ink – the posters will be available to buy at New North Press' online shop from Wednesday, September 10.